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The project of reconstruction NPZ

Americans felt, as in native Texas

rather hot weather Established in Moscow has received one more definition - as in Houston . As if at native office, the executive vice-president American inzhiniringovoj companies Stone and Webster Charles Kroker acting on a press - conferences of representatives of firm in Russian - the American information centre felt. This meeting with journalists has been devoted the beginning of real work of firm on installation reconstruction kataliticheskogo krekinga JAroslavlnefteorgsinteza .

the reconstruction Project became a subject of pride of experts Stone and Webster for many reasons. First of all, it the project, perhaps, first in Russia which the firm carries out in a complex though there is it at the country since 1989. Further, this project is the first in the oil refining, carried out within the limits of agreement US Eximbank, Ministry of Fuel and Energy, the Ministry of Finance and the Central bank of the Russian Federation from 1993. And allocation JAroslavlnefteorgsintezu $60 million on the project under the scheme developed by the Russian firm Synthesis of Korporejshn (by the way, principal shareholder NPZ) with participation of American company Mobil Oil, and also the Moscow national bank and Bank of New York allows to speak about very high probability of its realisation. The head of representation Stone and Webster in Russia Dzhef Templ has specially noticed that the project, unlike many other things, will not know such problem, as shortage of hard currency.
Americans have especially paid attention of the press that reconstructed Yaroslavl katkreking will correspond to the standard requirements in the world to duration of between-repairs run - not less than three years (at least they repeatedly underlined it). It is known that annual stops domestic NPZ on planned repair are rather essential market factor as seriously influence a price level on oil products in separate regions. Certainly, this case will not be unique for Russia which factories already have various installations of similar level of execution, and in the world gradually pass to four - and five years` cycles of between-repairs run, but it is all the same pleasant.
however (also it would be strange if it was not), just with a guarantee of the long between-repairs period it is connected small a tar spoon complicating as a whole cloudless relations Stone and Webster with JAroslavlnefteorgsintezom . The American credit and the American deliveries of the equipment, which quality it is capable to check Stone and Webster, cover only a part necessary on installation katkrekinga works. $40 million more are provided with the Russian side according to the Russian equipment. It quite keeps within today`s tendencies of support of home producers, nevertheless how to be with maintenance of quality assurances of installation as a whole, while not clearly.
well and at last, one more fact from area of the announcement of new strategy. On a press - conferences Stone and Webster the new concept of use " has been proclaimed; Russian brains - henceforth the firm passes from attraction of separate experts (i.e. simple acceptance to work) to contract work with scientifically - the research organisations. we have decided to use magnificent paper Russian technologies - one of managers of firm Grigory Potashnikov has explained.