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The international court in the Hague

Imperceptible accused

On Thursday tribunal across the former Yugoslavia has given out the international warrant on arrest of leaders of the Bosnian Serbs of Radovana Karadzhicha and Ratko Mladicha. This event has been dated for the first anniversary of capture by Serbs of a Muslim enclave of Srebrenitsa. proisshedshie then events became the basis for promotion against Karadzhicha and Mladicha of repeated charge in a genocide.

the Tribunal created by the United Nations in 1993 for investigation of war crimes in eks - Yugoslavia, has brought the first accusation to leaders of the Bosnian Serbs in July, 1995. The organisation of ethnic cleanings was made fault to the president of the Serbian Republic and the commander of army of the Bosnian Serbs and a siege Sarajevo. The term ethnic cleanings - politically correct designation of the genocide which absolutely not are not changing essences of given act. It is a question of liquidation in territory, controllable this or that party of the conflict, foreigners by their violent deportation and physical destruction. Certainly, in ethnic cleanings were engaged not only Serbs. However they spent cleanings much masshtabnee, than Croats and Moslems. Also has put here not that Croats and Moslems are more humane. Simply at the Serbs possessing before intervention in the conflict of the NATO by the overwhelming military superiority and supervising to two thirds of territory of Bosnia, was more possibilities for carrying out of the national policy. That to a siege Sarajevo and Mladich are accused by Karadzhich of the organisation of blockade of a city and in its bombardments which have entailed numerous victim among the peace population.
the second charge against the first persons of the Serbian Republic is put forward in November of last year. As occasion the attestations of eyewitnesses, asserting have served that after a capture of Srebrenitsy the Serbian military men whom Mladich ordered personally, have shot from three Moslems to eight thousand. Now the international experts check places of mass burial places in city vicinities. The material evidences found them, probably, have made the big impression upon judges in the Hague, given out on Thursday (in an anniversary of tragedy in Srebrenitse) the international warrant on arrest of Karadzhicha and Mladicha.
Before the warrant on their detention have been given out the governments of Bosnia, the Serbian Republic and Union republic Yugoslavia. The effect, as it is known, was zero. Karadzhich, officially having resigned of the head of the state, remains the chairman of the Serbian democratic party and keeps the political influence in the Serbian Republic. Mladich continues to order army of the Bosnian Serbs.
the tribunal decision hardly will change this position. The international warrant on arrest means that Karadzhich and Mladich cannot find a refuge in one country which is a member of the United Nations, - they should be there and then given out tribunal. In practice to carry out it it is difficult enough. In Belgrad which leaders of the Bosnian Serbs visit often enough to arrest them it is possible only from the sanction of the president of Serbia of Slobadan Milosevic which to do it while obviously does not gather. After delivery of the international warrant to ignore the decision of tribunal Belgrad hardly will dare - threat of renewal of the international sanctions against SRJU otherwise can be realised. So Karadzhich and Mladich most likely will appear locked on territory of the Serbian Republic. Using there huge popularity and being under protection of own army, they can not be afraid of arrest. The power action on their capture is fraught with failure of peace arrangements. To armies IFOR it allowed to detain the order accused only in case they will catch sight to patrol of peacemakers that should not be expected, of course.
the Situation becomes complicated also disagreements among sponsors of peaceful settlement. Representatives of the international contact group (it includes Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany) at the session which has passed on Wednesday and could not develop how many - nibud the accurate decision of a question on what steps should be undertaken for arrest of leaders of the Bosnian Serbs. Their voluntary consent to appear before court can change a situation only. Karadzhich has already declared the consent to arrive to the Hague, but only under condition of presence of guarantees of fair justice. Justice, as it is known, can be understood on - to a miscellaneous.