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The bank of Japan has kept the base rate at level of 0,1 %

Today, on October, 14th, agency Bloomberg informs that the Bank of Japan following the results of two-day session has kept the base interest rate about a zero mark - at a rate of 0,1 % annual and has refrained from any comments concerning terms of the termination of the program on purchase of corporate bonds.
in the statement of Central Bank following the results of session it is said that the situation in the financial market shows more and more improvement signs, and that national economy is restored.

all last months the Central Bank gradually improves the estimations of a condition of an economic conjuncture in the country.

at quarterly session in July board of governors of the Japanese Central Bank has made decision to renew three plans of the repayment of commercial papers and corporate bonds till December, 31st. However some analysts expected that current week the decision on preschedule turning of these programs can be accepted.

Last time the Bank of Japan has lowered the interest rate in December, 2008 - to 0,1 % annual. Before in the end of October the Japanese Central Bank has lowered the key rate for the first time for seven years - from 0,5 % to 0,3 %. After December reduction of cost of credits the Central Bank has passed to support of financial sector by purchase of bank actives.

the number of bankruptcies in Japan was reduced in September by the fastest rates more than for 4 years. Thus the quantity of bankruptcies small the companies with obligations to 100 million yens ($1,1 million) has decreased for 8 %.

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