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GNKAR and Gazprom have signed the agreement on gas deliveries

Today, on October, 14th, Gosneftekompanija of Azerbaijan (GNKAR) and the Russian Open Society Gazprom in Baku have signed the agreement on purchase and sale of the Azerbaijan gas on 2010 - 2015. The document was signed by head GNKAR Rovnag Abdullaev and head Gazprom Alexey Miller.
the minimum volume of deliveries of the Azerbaijan gas for 2010 within the limits of the agreement is provided at level of 500 million cubic metre, the maximum volume of deliveries is not organic that will allow GNKAR to sell operatively gas of Russia in case of increase in volumes of extraction or in case of decrease in requirements in the country - Rovnag Abdullaev has told.

deliveries of the Azerbaijan gas to Russia will begin since January, 2010.

as it was informed, GNKAR and Open Society Gazprom on June, 28th, 2009 in Baku have signed the document on conditions of purchases of the Azerbaijan gas. Deliveries will be carried out on a site of gas-transport system of Baku - Is new - Filja, (to the Russian border) on coast of Caspian sea. Extent of a site - about 200 km. Gas bought in Azerbaijan will be used in the south of Russia.

Interfax - Azerbaijan