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CHF the Russian Federation asks militia to estimate legality of checks of GAI

Today, on October, 14th, it became known, the Black Sea fleet of Russia (CHF the Russian Federation) asks management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to estimate in Sevastopol legality of checks by the State automobile inspection (GAI) of motor transport which belongs to fleet.
as informs a press - service CHF of the Russian Federation, on October, 13th employees of GAI of Sevastopol with the assistance of representatives SBU have renewed check practice on roads of motor transport belonging to fleet.

during the day all kinds of military motor transport, including ambulances in which military men CHF " followed for treatment in hospital were exposed to check; - it is told in the statement.

the Service notices that at realisation of checks employees of GAI of Sevastopol did not show to drivers of cars of fleet of any claims concerning infringements of traffic regulations, and without assigning any reasons transferred their documents to employees SBU which powers also were not explained.

these actions, referring to point 5 of article 15 of the agreement on the status and conditions of stay CHF in territory of Ukraine, were accompanied by drawing up by employees of the Ukrainian special services of certificates about infringements of an order of movement of motor transport CHF on territory of Ukraine - it is told in the statement.

a press - the service notices that the Ukrainian party undertook similar actions in August around Kerch, and expresses concern of command CHF of Russia in an event. Command of the Black Sea fleet taking into account the specified facts considers cases in point as disrespect of the status of military formations of fleet and the unfriendly step directed on deterioration Russian - the Ukrainian relations.

also on the given facts command has sent the letter to management UMVD in Sevastopol.

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