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Germany ratified the Lisbon contract

Today, on September, 23rd, Germany has finished all procedures on ratification of the Lisbon contract.
as informs AFP, today the president of Germany Horst Keller has put the signature under the contract - necessary for definitive ratification of this document by Germany a final step.

I am very happy. I have spent a lot of energy for the Lisbon contract - has declared about it German chancellor Angela Merkel.

after ratification of the contract by Germany, in Europe there were only three of 27 countries in whom the document has not been ratified yet: Ireland where the repeated referendum, Poland and Czechia on October, 2nd should take place.

as it was already informed, on December, 13th, 2007 leaders of 27 EU Member States have signed the new contract of EU which has received the name Lisbon in Lisbon.

the New contract is accepted instead of the Constitution of EU which did not manage to be confirmed from - for a failure of its ratification on referenda in France and the Netherlands in 2005. The new contract is directed on reforming of institutes of EU for more effective decision-making.