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Al - Bader Group intend to construct a city near Kiev for $12 mlrd

Today, on October, 14th, the assistant to the general director of group Mahrus Besiso on Ukrainian - the Arabian conference Investment prospects in Ukraine in Kiev has informed that group of companies Al - Bader Trading Co. W. L. L. (Al - Bader Group, Kuwait) studies the Ukrainian legislation for the purpose of possible investment in the long term in a city building on the area about 900 hectares in 30 - 100 kilometres from Kiev.
now we study the legislation of Ukraine how much it answers our norms. If we are convinced what here probably to begin the similar project, and the legislative system will approach us we are ready to invest any sum without restrictions. It will be a city with many-storeyed houses, with country houses on the area of 9 million square metres. Usually we prefer to build similar projects on distance from 30 - 100 kilometres from capital - has declared zamglavy groups.

Mister Besiso, has added that group, first of all, interests ground and tax laws of Ukraine, and also the questions connected with delivery of the Ukrainian visas to citizens of the countries of the Arabian world. The assistant to the general director of group also has noticed that in case of the positive decision of the beginning concerning of realisation of such project in Ukraine, the Ukrainian companies will be engaged in building.

Besides, Mahrus Besiso has noticed that Al - Bader Group is interested in possibility of investment not only in building, but also in iron and steel industry and improving tourism in Ukraine.

Interfax - Ukraine