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Osventsim has got a page in Facebook

Today, on October, 15th, it became known that the Polish authorities supervising a museum in Osventsime, have placed its official site in social network Facebook.
According to initiators, it will allow young generation to learn more that occurred in a nazi concentration camp in days of the Second World War.

earlier the museum of Osventsima has opened the own channel on popular site YouTube.

In Osventsime in days of war it has been killed more than one million person 90 % from which were Jews. we constantly search for possibilities to tell about this tragedy as it is possible bolshemu for number of people, and the most effective way is today the Internet. Millions " use site Facebook; - the director of a museum Osventsima Pavel Savitsky has told. This year more than one million person Osventsim have visited, basically it is young men.

Stranitsa Osventsima on Facebook contains news and the information on a museum, references to the museum channel on YouTube and its official site, and also a forum. The first theme of this forum - whether necessary places this information on Facebook.

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