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Suffered from explosion the quantity grows in Kishinev

Today, on October, 15th, and. An island of the president of Moldova the chairman of parliament Mihaj Gimpu has informed that the number of wounded men as a result of the explosion which has occurred in the centre of Kishinev on the late evening on October, 14th, 2009, has grown to 55 persons.
mister Gimpu has noticed that 12 victims have been hospitalised with easy fragmental wounds, and six wounded men needed surgical intervention. Mihaj Gimpu has expressed hope that the consequence during criminal investigation will establish organizers of explosion and the purpose whom they pursued.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Moldova upon explosion has filed criminal charges under article an act of terrorism . As have declared today on a press - conferences in Kishinev the Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova Victor Katan, the general public prosecutor of republic Valery Zubko and the director of Service of the information and safety of Moldova George Mihaj, this explosion served as attempt of intimidation of the population.

As it has been noted, before explosion on the area in a reception of premieres - the minister of Moldova Vladimir Filata some foreign calls from unknown persons with threats on October, 14th, 2009 have arrived. Now decoding of telephone negotiations is spent. According to representatives of the law enforcement bodies, the calling unknown person has noticed that will apply violence in relation to a present management, having demanded from the new authorities to refuse a number of reforms which were or will be introduced.

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