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Speed of movement in settlements was limited by 60 km/ hour

Today, on September, 22nd, a press - the service of department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has informed that traffic regulations of Ukraine regulate speed of 60 km/ ch from which vehicles can move on cities and settlements.

at the same time point 12. 8 specified rules define that on sites of roads of settlements where road conditions guarantee traffic safety at higher speed, under the decision of proprietors of roads or bodies which be retold the right to their matter co-ordinated with the State traffic inspectorate, the resolved speed of movement can is increased . Taking into account it, on separate sites of streets in Kiev (15 sites) it is authorised to move with a speed to 80 km/ ch on what inform the established traffic signs. Similar innovations already operate and in other cities of Ukraine where it the road condition and transport traffic conditions allow.

According to requirements of Traffic regulations and the law of Ukraine About traffic any excess by the driver of the established speed is infringement of Traffic regulations. At the same time, according to requirements p.1 item 122 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offences, responsibility of the driver for infringement of a high-speed mode in a kind penalty imposing comes only a case excess of the established speed of movement by it more than 20 km/ ch.

Interfax - Ukraine