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The Donetsk area has reduced debts under taxes

On today`s a press - conferences the chairman of Donetsk regional state administration Vladimir Logvinenko has informed that following the results of the first half of the year 2006 in budgets of all levels is collected taxes, gathering and other obligatory payments in the sum of 5 045 million grivnas that on 2,9 % more than for the similar period of last year.
in the state budget of Ukraine payments have made 3 413 million grivnas that on 5,1 % it is less, than last year.

the tax debt in budgets of all levels from the beginning of year has decreased for 15,3 % and, as of July, 1st, 2006, made 1 168 million grivnas, including in the state budget - 1 023 million grivnas. Put by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine the task of Donetsk area for the first half of the year on fund raising in the state budget is executed on 76,4 %. Backlog from the plan makes 1 056 million grivnas, including 1 006 million grivnas - under the enterprise profit tax.

the Governor has assumed that the annual plan charged to Donetsk area for 2006, will not be executed, as is unreasonably overestimated.