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The treasure found in Feodosiya have estimated in 50 thousand grivnas

Today, on July, 15th, the director of the Feodosijsky museum of money Alexander Oleshchuk has told to the Businessman that else on June 26 around Feodosiya the biggest treasure for all history of independent Ukraine has been found. In wood on a grief Tepe - Both local resident Nikolay has found out a jug with more than 10 - ju in thousand coins of times of the Crimean khanate. Find cost is estimated approximately in 10 thousand US dollars.
some weeks have left on slightly to clear coins of traces of corrosion for them atributsii, and to find out that this represents impressive enough the then the sum: ten thousand hundred sixty eight so-called akche, gross weight almost 6 kg - mister Oleshchuk has noted.

the Majority of the found coins are dated years of board of khan Devleta of I Geraja (years of board 1551 - 1577). According to the director of a museum, for 4 akche in medieval Cafe so was called Feodosiya earlier, it was possible to buy a hen, and for 22 - 24 akche - a ram.

on black the market average cost of one found coin makes about five grivnas. Thus, this treasure can be estimated in 50 thousand grivnas.

the find is already paraded and will be stored in the Feodosijsky museum of money.

Zaire - AKADYROV, Simferopol