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In Berdyansk have found more than 200 kg of trotyl

Today, on July, 17th, it became known that yesterday, in the centre of Berdyansk (the Zaporozhye area) at fire extinguishing in the garage belonging to the private person, employees the Ministries of Emergency Measures (Ministry of Emergency Measures) is revealed more than 200 kgs of trotyl.
as have told in territorial administration of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the Zaporozhye area, packings with trotyl draughts have been found out after ignition liquidation. Forces of militia and rescuers had been made evacuation of the population from nearby houses. The person of the owner of garage is established, the question on its detention is solved.

in terupravlenii the Ministries of Emergency Measures in the Zaporozhye area have told that the information on ignition in garage along the street Red has arrived on the panel of fire protection in 2. On July, 38 16th. On a scene brigade PGPCH on protection of a city of Berdyansk has left. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the fire has been extinguished in 3. 15. Meanwhile, during survey of garage which has followed fire liquidation, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have found out trotyl draughts in gross weight more than 200 kg. they start to work at once on an establishment of a cause of the fire, therefore look in all corners. The reason have established - there short circuit has occurred, owing to which things and garbage different - on 4 2 have lighted up. And then have found packings with trotyl draughts. At once have notified militia - have told in terupravlenii the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

by data, during initial survey of garage 8 packings with trotyl draughts in nominal weight of 75 grammes, 200 grammes and 400 gramme (weight of one draught) were revealed. On a scene the deputy minister of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Vitaly Romanchenko and chief UMVD of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye area Alexander Shmitko has left. As it became known, experts have been connected to scene survey vzryvotehnicheskogo divisions UMVD of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye area, workers of regional Office of Public Prosecutor and USBU in Berdyansk also.

inhabitants of nearby houses have been evacuated, the area is surrounded by forces of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and Berdyansk gorotdela militias. As has told a source in area Office of Public Prosecutor, at the further survey in a garage cellar a considerable quantity of packings with trotyl draughts, ogneprovodnoj a cord, kapsjulnye and electrodetonators, a system pistol " was revealed; the Revolver three packs of cartridges (on 18 pieces), and also 7 kg of mercury. now weigh trotyl while we can name kg figure 200. But continue to weigh - there, under the preliminary information, to semitones can reach. It besides that garage in city centre, near to gorotdelom militias - the interlocutor has told. As he said, the person of the owner of garage is established also. The inhabitant of Berdyansk, has appeared it 1953 The river Under our data, the garage belongs to the judge of local city regional court. Now we specify all circumstances - have told in Office of Public Prosecutor. The investigatory department of the Berdyansk city police station upon an event brings criminal case to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 263 of the Criminal code (illegal weapon handling, by ammunition or explosives). On a scene continue to work vzryvotehniki and kriminalisticheskaja militia laboratory.

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