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Ecologists declare intention to stop Zaporozhabraziv

Today, on July, 16th, it became known that on July, 12th the state ecological inspection (GEI) in the Zaporozhye area has drawn up the statement about default of nature protection actions on Open Society Zaporozhabraziv .
As the chief regional GEI Sergey Fedorenko, as a result of target check which passed at the enterprise within a month has told, by representatives of inspection are revealed total infringements in sphere of preservation of the environment . In respect of nature protection actions which the abrasive industrial complex should execute, there is a reconstruction of shop 2. In particular, modernisation of the filter of clearing on the first furnace. They should execute it till the end of 2006, however is made nothing. Besides, the construction of a building does not correspond to engineering specifications - mister Fedorenko has told.

At the moment inspection has requested from a management of industrial complex the data by quantity and structure of emissions in atmosphere. till July, 17th of a distance it term to prepare these figures. We will look further by result - Sergey Fedorenko has added. As he said, in case the infringements fixed in the certificate, will not be eliminated within 30 days, on Zaporozhabraziv sanctions will be inflicted up to a stop of harmful manufacture. I have given to them month though I think, it hardly can correct a situation. In case of instruction default the decision on a suspension of this site " will be accepted; - mister Fedorenko has noted.

Meanwhile, according to the chairman of the board of Open Society Zaporozhabraziv Anatoly Berezy, now lawyers of the enterprise are going to make the complaint to actions of representatives of ecological inspection. We modernised the fifth shop according to the ecological program, there is a work and concerning shop 2. Till the end of 2006 to make to replace the filter we were not in time, therefore have stopped the furnace. By the end of autumn all the filter will be mounted - the mister the Birch has noted. Thus he has underlined that considers the drawn up statement tendentious and biassed .

According to ecological inspection, the shop 2 is the basic site of manufacture on Open Society Zaporozhabraziv where is issued 70 - 80 % of the enterprise. Now GEI in the Zaporozhye area acts as the respondent in Appeal economic court of the Zaporozhye area under Open Society complaint Zaporozhstal concerning legality of decisions on imposing of penal sanctions on this enterprise. Besides, Open Society Dneprospetsstal has made the complaint in Appeal court of the Zaporozhye area about decision GEI on stay of work of a site of manufacture.

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