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The cabinet has approved the bill About derivativah

In today`s release the Businessman it is informed that the committee concerning economic policy and the European integration of the Cabinet has approved prepared by State commission under securities and stock market (GKTSBFR) the bill About derivatives (derivativah) which enters a number of new financial tools.
the given document enters concept derivativa as the financial tool confirming the obligation and/ or the right to buy to (sell) a base active (material, non-material, financial) and/ or to carry out monetary calculations in the future at the price established in day of acknowledgement of obligations. The base active derivativa can include securities, the goods, currency values, other actives (share indexes, interest rates, exchange rates).

According to the chief of department of development of the legislation on securities market GKTSBFR of Maxim Libanova, creation of clearing chamber which is necessary for carrying out of calculations on derivative tools was one of questions at issue of the project of the document which was discussed long time. the clearing chamber is a person who will define, who and to whom, how many should by results of trading session, - mister Libanov speaks.