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Municipal cinemas lose self-checking

As the newspaper " writes today; in central administrative board of culture of the Kiev city state administration (KGGA) have informed that the director of the municipal enterprise (KP) Kievkinofilm there is one of members of the liquidating commission.
According to the charter Kievkinofilma its director who appoints will individually supervise over the enterprise and the mayor dismisses. Thus participation in management KP of a management of cinemas in the given document is not provided. Director KP himself types employees and confirms the list of staff of cinemas, performs all financial operations, signs contracts, operates property and the finance. All cinemas pass to uniform balance. Directors and employees of cinemas are afraid of mass lay-offs. In the meantime the Antimonopoly committee on demand of the State Office of Public Prosecutor (GPU) has begun check of legality of association of cinemas.

Of management of culture and arts KGGA are assured that this check cardinally will change nothing. if adult cinemas and do not hand over the press, we will prepare judicial claims and legal image to solve a question . - Svetlana Zorin has declared. She also has informed that working collectives of cinemas and their director after enterprise creation can be really dismissed and already about it are warned.