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Sea doctrines Si the Breeze 2007 has begun with traumas of the peacemaker

Today, on July, 17th, it became known that yesterday Dzhefdet Chelik has got to traumatologic branch military - the medical centre in Odessa with crisis of the left brush - the sailor of a Turkish frigate JAvuz taking part in doctrines Si the Breeze 2007 .
As the chief has informed a press - the centre of Naval Forces of Ukraine Nikolay Nedoivchenko incident has occurred on Sunday approximately in 20. 00 when the frigate stood on anchor parking in the sea at coast of the Odessa area . Meanwhile, mister Nedoivchenko has refused to give the information on how mister Chelik was traumatised. However, according to the source in a staff of doctrines, the sailor has casually struck a hand . To its coast delivered an Ukrainian rocket korvet Pridneprove also taking part in international military - sea doctrines Si the Breeze - 2007 .

As the chief of branch of traumatology Odessa military - Ilya Gajdarzhi`s medical centre has informed, a condition at the Turkish sailor satisfactory, and it can be written out from hospital.

as mister Gajdarzhi has informed, on Sunday with fragmental traumas in military - the medical centre private soldiers of involuntary service 20 - summer Vladimir Krasnikov and Sergey Bulla have been delivered. According to the source in the Ministry of Defence, employees have received wounds on range Wide lan at attempt to disassemble an explosive subject . The source asserts that incident with doctrines Si the Breeze - 2007 it is not connected in any way.

Vladimir Krasnikov has got traumas of a shoulder, a brush and a shin. It is possible to consider its wound as a lung and in the near future it will continue involuntary service. At Sergey Bully it is more difficult than wound, feet, a hip and a breast are damaged. Since Sunday till Monday it was in resuscitation. Now its condition was stabilised and it is considered satisfactory. Consequences of explosion for its health will be known in due course on a treatment course - Ilya Gajdarzhi has declared. Yesterday with victims in chamber representatives of military Office of Public Prosecutor of the Odessa military garrison worked. At the same time, yesterday in military Office of Public Prosecutor have refused to make comments on incident.

23 ships from Ukraine, the USA, Turkey and Georgia are involved in a sea phase of the international doctrines Si the Breeze 2007 . The phase started on Sunday. Under the official information of a staff of doctrines, court fulfil elements of peace-making operation - supervision over an air target, imitation of transfer of humanitarian cargo, maneuvering in the warrant. Within Sunday a frigate JAvuz fulfilled elements embargovyh operations.