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In the Lvov area разлились15 tanks with yellow phosphorus

Today, on July, 17th, it became known that in Bussky area of the Lvov area on a stage У Red - Ozhidov У as a result of overturning of 15 tanks with yellow phosphorus of a freight train, there was a fire.
tanks followed from station У the Expert У (Dzhambul, Kazakhstan) to station У Oklesa У (Poland). From - for leaks of phosphorus from one tank there was a spontaneous ignition of 6 tanks. As a result of a descent of tanks 50 metres of a railway way, about 100 metres of a contact network and 3 support are damaged. During fire extinguishing it was formed a cloud of burning products. 14 settlements of Bussky area have got to a defeat zone and separate territories of Radehovsky and Brodovsky areas of area.

As a result of a fire 16 persons from whom 13 in a condition heavy and moderate severity level have been delivered in the military medical clinical centre of the western operative command in Lvov have poisoned with burning products.

from 6 settlements of Bussky area it is settled temporarily out about 800 inhabitants. On a scene works vitse - the prime minister - minister Alexander Kuzmuk and operative group of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and protection of the population against consequences of Chernobyl accident.