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The Eurocommission has offered the help after failure with phosphorus

Today, on July, 18th, the representative of Eurocommission Barbara Helfferih has informed that the monitoring information centre of the European commission has offered Ukraine the help in the form of examination of consequences for environment of failure of a train with phosphorus in the Lvov area.
madam Helfferih has noticed that EU is ready to give to Ukraine and other help - planes, field hospitals, fire extinguishing means if there will be a corresponding inquiry. we can operate, if there is an inquiry. While such inquiry is not present, we should consider that the situation is under control of the Ukrainian power - has told the representative of the European union. Thus she has added that the Eurocommission on rather current situation keeps in touch with the Ukrainian power. A bar of a bar of Helfferih also has noticed that the main problem for today is the phosphoric cloud. clouds do not recognise borders. And they can get to Poland or Romania though while we have no such information - it has summed up.