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Physicians survey 11 thousand persons from a zone of failure of a train

Today, on July, 17th, physicians have begun total inspection of 11 thousand the persons living in a zone of failure of a train, transporting phosphorus in the Lvov area.
according to the chief of Central administrative board of public health services of the State administration in Igor Gericha`s Lvov area, doctors will visit each house which is in a failure zone, doctors of Bussky and Brodovsky regional hospitals are involved in inspection. The chief military - the medical clinical centre of the Western region Sergey Petruk has informed that at present in the centre are on treatment of 14 victims. One of patients in a grave condition, a condition of a three more - average weight. The diagnosis of all hospitalised - an inhalation poisoning with steams of products of burning of phosphorus. Threats of life of any of patients are not present.

Employees of a Ministry of Health call inhabitants and visitors of area to limit stay on air and bathing in open reservoirs in a zone of potential danger. For poisoning preventive maintenance it is recommended to carry the gauze bandages humidified with a solution of baking soda. Outside of this zone, in particular, in Lvov threats for health are not present.

In turn, the vice-president of Lvov regional state administration Taras Batenko has told that the Lvov area has created a regional staff for liquidation of consequences of failure of the train transporting yellow phosphorus which was headed by the first deputy of the governor Valery Pjatak. Similar staffs are created in Bussky, Brodovsky and Radehovsky areas of area.