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Lutsenko the damage did not cause to the state at a rate of 1,5 mlrd grn

Today, on February, 18th, the Appeal court of a city of Kiev has passed the decision on an unreliable information recognition about drawing of a damage to the state at the rate above 1,5 mlrd grn the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Ukraine during Yury Lutsenko`s management .
According to the message a press - services of civil movement National self-defence the data about drawing has been published on June, 14th, 2007 on the air 5 - go the channel on a press - conferences of Kontrolno - auditing management (Crewe) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs representatives of these departments Dmitry Olijnykom and Victor Suslov referring to results of check of activity of department in 2005 - 2006

on September, 21st, 2007 the Pechersky district court of Kiev recognised this information doubtful. In the answer of Crewe and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have appealed on the decision of Pechersky regional court.

Today complaints of chairmen of Crewe and the Ministries of Internal Affairs have been considered by appeal court and left without satisfaction. On a judgement, Crewe and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the name of mister Olijnyka and mister Suslov are obliged to deny the information published earlier throughout a month.