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The parliament of Kosovo has proclaimed independence of edge

Today, on February, 17th, parliament of Kosovo at an emergency meeting which has been called the prime minister - minister Hashimom Tachi, has unanimously voted for branch of this territory from Serbia and has proclaimed independence of edge.
during session of premieres has addressed to members of parliament with speech in which guaranteed safety to all national minorities of edge, including to the Serbian population making about 10 % from total number of inhabitants.

Besides, he has assured the world community of adherence to the plan of Marti Ahtisaari and has thanked the United Nations for the help in the decision of a Kosovan question.

also to members of parliament the president of edge Kosovo Fatmir Sejdiu has addressed. He has called pochtit memory of those who has offered the life for the sake of finding of independence and has declared aspiration of Kosovo to the introduction into the NATO and eurointegration. According to the president, the constitution of Kosovo in the near future should be accepted.

Besides the Declaration on independence of edge members of parliament have accepted a flag and the arms of the future independent state. In turn, the prime minister - the minister of Serbia Voislav Koshtunitsa named independent Kosovo the pseudo-state in territory of Serbia .