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In Sevastopol from - for colds have closed all schools

Today, on February, 18th, in Sevastopol from - for an insufficient temperature mode educational process at all schools of a city is suspended.
as the first deputy of the chairman of city state administration Vladimir Kazarin at hardware meeting has informed, today in connection with absence of appropriate pressure of natural gas work of 7 boiler cities is stopped.

as he said, at temperature of air a minus of 13 degrees (at hardware meeting the information has sounded that around the Chernorechensky water basin at night the temperature made a minus of 20 degrees) to a city it is necessary for 2 million 400 thousand cubic metre of gas a day whereas the city now can select 1 million 70 thousand cubic metre of gas.

As Jeanne Sljusar has informed the deputy chief of department of science and education gorgosadministratsii, air temperature in classes in the majority of schools does not exceed 10 degrees of heat (at some schools - 4 - 7 degrees of heat) and even if in any of schools and warmly, that is temperature plus of 17 degrees, all the same they are closed, according to the order of the head of department.

madam Sljusar has expressed hope that thanks to similar preventive action it is not necessary to stop educational process in connection with achievement of an epidemic threshold on prostudnym to diseases.