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Attack to the Kharkov underground

Today, on February, 15th is made rejderskaja, it became known that yesterday in second half of day law enforcement officers a power method had been made capture of office building GP the Kharkov underground .
In particular, employees of underground who provide enterprise activity, have been turned out from a building, at present they cannot carry out the official duties. Thus, viability of the enterprise is paralysed.

there was a usual power capture of the power. For known commercial structures it is unique possibility free to conduct the illegal activity. Lawful methods have not worked - results of three-week check of the enterprise the commission from 25 persons of Crewe of Ministry of Transport have not revealed any infringement. The following step - underground privatisation - chief GP " makes comments on the given situation; The Kharkov underground Sergey Museev.

I do not have access, even, to the lawful workplace, and the main thing - to documents and the trade-union press - the chairman of incorporated trade-union organisation GP " states the concern a situation; the Kharkov underground Alexander Chepurin.

Because in an office building there are the documents recognised confidential and representing state secret, I regard developed a situation as rejderskuju attack. I express serious fears for safety of these documents, and I consider that safety of operation of underground under the threat already today - the deputy of the Kharkov regional council Vladimir Miroshnikov has noted.

Meanwhile as have informed in a press - service of the Kharkov regional state administration, yesterday by the order of the minister of transport and communication of Ukraine Joseph Vinsky Sergey Museev it is discharged of performance of duties of chief GP the Kharkov underground .

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