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In Moscow passes the informal summit of leaders of the CIS countries

Today, on February, 22nd, leaders of the CIS countries have gathered in Moscow for the informal summit.
among questions which it is planned to place for consideration, - the migratory policy, interaction in transport and humanitarian spheres. Besides, it is provided to generate the project of the plan of the basic actions for celebrating 65 - j anniversaries of a victory in the Great Patriotic War, and also to consider possibilities of active involvement of possibilities of an interstate broadcasting company the World in interests of formation of the general information field of the CIS.

As the assistant to the head of secretary of the president of Ukraine Alexander Chalyj, Victor Yushchenko has informed plans to bring up at a meeting questions of increase of efficiency of economic cooperation within the limits of the CIS, and also to support work of the agreement on free trade within the limits of the CIS without withdrawals and restrictions according to norms of the World Trade Organization.

the Ukrainian president plans to discuss and themes of strengthening of cooperation in power sphere, including developments existing and creations of the new transport corridors, new approaches to the tariff policy on transportation of energy carriers. Mister Yushchenko also intends to call all leaders of the CIS to be together with Ukraine during celebrating 75 - j anniversaries golodomora.