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In the Supreme Rada there passes a meeting of members BJUT with the speaker

Today, on February, 22nd, in the Supreme Rada within the limits of carrying out of political consultations of parliamentary fractions there passes a meeting of the speaker of parliament Arseny Jatsenjuka with People`s Deputies of fraction of the Block of Yulia Timoshenko (BJUT).
On behalf of fraction its head People`s Deputy Ivan Kirilenko has declared that its political force underlines necessity to transfer work of parliament from offices in a sessional hall. It has sounded projects of laws which fraction BJUT considers necessary to consider in parliament in the near future.

among documents which should be accepted in parliament, BJUT names laws on the state guarantees of return of the lost depreciated savings, on a living wage, on obligatory medical insurance, and also laws on prestigiousness of miner`s work, guarantees of social protection of veterans of war, invalids, and etc.

the Member of fraction BJUT, People`s Deputy Nikolay Tomenko has declared at a meeting that the fraction is ready to work in a constructive mode. At the same time mister Tomenko has underlined that Yulia Timoshenko Block is ready to early election. but whether the society is ready to go on early election? - the People`s Deputy has told.