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Yushchenko and Alex II have discussed celebrating 1020 - letija christenings of Russia

Today, on February, 21st, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko holds a meeting with patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex .
In the beginning of a meeting which passes in Moscow, Alex has greeted Victor Yushchenko with arrival and has noticed that the Moscow patriarchy watches events in Ukraine.

this year is a year 1020 - letija christenings of Russia, it would be desirable, that we have talked how we will celebrate this date - Alex has told. After these words the meeting has proceeded without journalists.

in turn, the assistant to the head of secretary of the president Yury Bogutsky has informed that during this meeting of the party will discuss also the dialogue beginning between the Ukrainian orthodox church of the Moscow patriarchy and the Ukrainian orthodox church of the Kiev patriarchy, Ukrainian avtokefalnoj orthodox church.

Besides, mister Yushchenko intends to ask to remove the Moscow patriarchy an anathema from hetman Ivan Mazepa.

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