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The state oil company

is created As writes today the head of Ministry of Economics Arseny Jatsenjuk has declared that its ministry develops the bill of transfer of all state share holdings of the oil and oil refining enterprises in management of the uniform state oil company. Thus, it is planned to create the new petrotrader which share in the market will make an order of 18 %. In the ministry assert that it will allow the state to influence the fuel market. However, experts do not exclude that the part of actions of the new company will be privatised subsequently.
as mister Jatsenjuk, in July has told and. An island of premieres - the minister Yury Ehanurov has charged Ministry of Economics to develop the Concept of reforming of oil and gas branch . In this document and. An island The Minister of Economics plans to describe the scheme of creation of the uniform state oil company in which management state blocks of shares of actions of the oil-extracting and oil refining companies will be transferred. The document will affirm Ministry then the government will direct it to the Supreme Rada. the concept confirmed by Ministry will be obligatory for performance, and all norms put in it, will be obligatory for performance, - the lawyer of the company ' has told; Sand and partners ' Gennady Peskov. - including norm about reforming ' Naftogaza ' and creation of the new company. However, to fix creation of the uniform petrocompany it is possible also the separate decision of Ministry .

the Head of Ministry of Economics has declared that in the shortest terms it is necessary to create the uniform state company and to transfer it all packages on management of oil and gas branch. Much to our regret, NAK and not became really a management company. More than that is at it such wide spectrum of responsibility that it does not need to be made heavier additional responsibility any more. And what remains NAK? There will be that is today, - all gas branch and all transportation. The rest will leave the new oil company - he has informed.

by estimations of analysts, association of all state actives in the uniform oil company will allow the state to influence pricing in the market of oil products. through a state share in ' Ukrtatnafte ' the Ministry can supervise 15 percent of the market of oil products of the country, through state shares in ' to Galichina ' and ' the Petrochemist ' - 3 more percent, - the oil and gas analyst of consulting company R &J Investments Pavel Kachur has informed. - it is quite enough of It to influence a situation in the market and in the fullness of time to stop a rise in prices through ' market interventions ' and a dumping .