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Karpatchev considers that Kosovo will complicate a situation on the Balkans

Today, on February, 26th, a press - the service of the authorised Supreme Rada under Nina Karpachevoj`s human rights has informed that the ombudsman has held a meeting with the ambassador of Serbia in Ukraine Goran Aleksichem.
Goran Aleksich has noticed that in spite of the fact that actions of the authorities of Kosovo contradict base principles of the charter of the United Nations about the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states, the management of Serbia has selected a peaceful way of settlement of a situation in edge by continuation of negotiations.

Nina Karpatchev has expressed concern concerning crisis on the Balkans and has noticed that since March, 1999 supports realisation of principles of international law and the termination of mass infringements of the rights and freedom of the person in this region.

the ombudsman considers that declaration of independence of Kosovo is audit of results of the Second World War. She intends to address to president Victor Yushchenko and to state it the point of view about a situation on the Balkans.

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