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TRTS Troitsk will start to take down in the beginning of March

Today, on February, 26th, a press - the service of the Kiev city state administration referring to the first deputy of chairman KGGA Anatoly Golubchenko has informed that dismantle TRTS Troitsk will begin in the beginning of March according to the planned terms.
according to mister Golubchenko, Open Company Eugene will obtain compensation in the form of the ground area the area of 10 hectares in the centre of capital or the area of 100 hectares in city boundaries. All offered variants will be estimated and compared with the sum spent Eugene on building and object dismantle.

we captiously concern the decision of this question as we want that all has been made correctly - both legally, and organizational, and financially. Till February, 29th Kievgosekspertiza Will define cost of a pulling down of object, right after receptions of this data we will begin dismantle - Anatoly Golubchenko has noted.

Besides, he has added that cost of works on a pulling down not completed TRTS, will carry out which Open Societies Kievmetrostroj and to finance - Open Company Eugene will presumably make about 30 million grn.

There are no bases for fears that the city will not have time to reconstruct NSK Olympic or to dismantle not completed object near stadium. We work in the strengthened operative mode, without deviating a target date - the first deputy of chairman KGGA has underlined.