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The court has begun a legal investigation sknylivskih generals

Today, on February, 25th, in Kiev the Military appeal court of the Central region has begun criminal case consideration on charge of four generals military - the air forces of Ukraine involved in the organisation of an air show in Sknylivsky airdrome in Lvov in which result 77 persons were lost.
on judicial session from Lvov there have arrived some victims. Besides, at session were present the first deputy of the commander-in-chief military - air forces (Air Forces) Sergey Onishchenko, the former commander-in-chief of the Air Forces the general - the colonel of a stock Victor Strelkov, the former assistant to the commander-in-chief of the Air Forces on combat training the general - the lieutenant of a stock Alexander Voloshenko and the former deputy chief on combat training the general - the major of a stock Vladimir Alekseev, and also their lawyers and lawyers of victims.

In the beginning of judicial session the suffered Svetlana Atamanjuk has declared tap to the chairman of judicial board Vitaly Zagorujko. As she said, the chairman can take a jaundiced view of a legal investigation, also he has not informed it on time and a place of the beginning of judicial session. However the board of judges has left the petition of madam Atamanjuk without satisfaction.

also Ivan Kuts has addressed in court with the petition to transfer a legal investigation to Lvov as the majority of victims live there, and they do not have possibility to take part in judicial sessions in Kiev. However the court has made the decision that criminal case consideration will be spent in capital.

however, in case of need the court will hold exit sessions in Lvov not to break the rights of victims.