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Refinancing of banks has involved grivna in economy

Today informs readers on the statement of Natsbank concerning that the monetary weight in Ukraine in I half-year has increased all by 10,4 %, and last year - almost on a quarter.
in Natsbank consider that rate of increase of monetary weight has decreased from - for sales in the beginning of year more than $2 billion its reserves. As a result purchase of currency by Natsbank has ceased to influence level of saturation by grivna of economy of Ukraine. And refinancing of banks became the leader on grivna release in bank system for the first time since 2002.

according to experts, in case of deficiency of currency in the country refinancing becomes a unique source of receipts of grivna in economy. Economists are assured that already by the end of the year the refinancing share in issue volume can decrease again.

according to bankers, by the end of the year in structure of issue NBU these tools will make 50 on 50 . Also acceleration of inflow of currency is possible, but refinancing volumes still will be high - more than half of all resources bankers mark.