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The pie of the state importance

Sometimes to the cook whom all calibrates on taste, happens easier to understand that occurs in the state. For example, it is difficult to prepare, if you toshnit. Long read the Internet - responses to Oleg Kashin`s beating. The majority is surprised, why suddenly messages on a state of health of the crippled journalist go the first number even in the state news agencies and TV programs. One user has carried out the comparative analysis: news about Kashin give in the first line, its photo appears several times on the main page of the main news agencies of the country, and people, judging by statistics, read absolutely another - about that much more actively, for example, that subscribers of MTS have found a code which allows to call free of charge that scientists named groups of women which to a thicket of others fall ill with a cancer of a breast or that the huge tuna has dragged off the skin-diver on dangerous depth. Usually it is more interesting to person to read about that concerns its own life. It is clear that all would like to call on a freebie, everyone is afraid of a cancer, but, it appears, it is easier to majority to present itself the skin-diver, than the journalist mutilated for belief. Some, truth, ask a question: who has instructed to untwist a theme also that behind it costs to news agencies and TV channels, whether and is it the certificate of disagreements between two first persons. Because too well understand, how at all of us it is arranged, and for a long time to this device have reconciled. On become recently popular to definition, we live in the sick state. Even worse another: we any more do not notice, how ourselves are seriously sick. Only units, basically those whom in the state mass-media name outcasts, shout about that all of us should feel today Kashin. Judging by ordinary socially - to political themes of idle talk in blogs, is easier to itself to present that the daughter of the prime minister marries the Korean billionaire or that Zhdanov during blockade of Leningrad ate cakes, than to imagine the first person of the state on funeral of Politkovskaya or the son of the high-ranking official on involuntary service in army. English prince Harry, as it is known, even to Afghanistan have sent. By the way, one well-known English recipe is connected with understanding of a healthy social system, to tell about which today especially pertinently.

during the Second World War the rationing system has been entered into Great Britain, and with absolutely identical diet for all. As veterans tell, deprived layers even have won, having received though also modest, but a reliable ration. The idea was not only in saving products - it was even more important to rally the nation. The doctrine has been developed by the hereditary aristocrat lord Vultonom who has headed the Ministry of Food formed in 1940. However, that instead of a unification the people have not become despondent, he has decided to teach people to prepare tasty dishes from a poor military ration. Tell, lord Vulton was the tremendous orator. Weekly by radio he addressed to all housewives of the country, as to own daughters and sisters. Think, for what he called them? To be creative, imagine, and to prepare interesting. Because, spoke, it is necessary to live in any circumstances better, it is necessary to live more cheerfully - so he understood the mission of the servant of the people. Housewives adored it, though and is frequent over it bantered. Even in the modern textbook of history for English schools the popular introduction in days of war is resulted: If the war you want to win,/ Eat potatoes in their skin./ Because you know the sight of peelings/ Deeply hurts Lord Woolton`s feelings .

this year in England consults 70 - letie an appearance of the book of recipes of dishes from a military ration. Its author Margerit Petten was the right hand of lord Vultona. Many of its recipes are so amusing that it would be desirable to prepare on them and today. The main restrictions of military rations concerned mjasomolochnyh products, here Margerit and thought out a hare from groats and root crops or the False goose on - anglijski Mock Goose . In this book in general much all such imaginary to that the most creative chiefs could envy today: creams without eggs and cream, sauce beshamel without oil or cakes without sugar. Apricots from carrots and this goose, which of the red lentil baked in gusjatnitse with an onions, a sage and crumbs of black bread are delightful. Well truth, what gusjatnitse without business to loom on kitchen sad memoirs on the best times? At this word mock many different senses: a sneer, a forgery, a parody. It is better not to despond and prepare: a pier while it is live, about live and think. In all ends of England lord Vulton has dispatched skilled cooks who collected people and learnt to prepare a potato with addition of a drop of cheese or any other products which in rations have been presented in scanty quantity. Lord Vulton and itself during war ate exclusively these dishes - the servant of the people has no right to live differently, than the people. It is known that when Hammers has told to Stalin as Churchill during German bombardment of London fed with its porridge, the great leader has laughed: the pier, the prime minister only pretends to be the modest woman. After all the Kremlin receptions even in 1942 amazed the western allies with imperial splendour. However, and posthumous glory at our and English servants of the people the different: Vultona in England esteem the national hero, Dzhejmi Oliver even has published the book the food Ministry . And in many British families and now at least once a year prepares the Pie of Vultona .

it has some variants. I especially liked the recipe which the chief has developed for Vultona London Savoy Francois Letri. It is necessary to take on a potato and carrot half a kilogramme (it is possible to add and a pumpkin) to clean, small to cut and fry in fragrant chicken or duck fat (though now and not war, I hope that duck or chicken fat which always remains after cooking of birds, you do not throw out). Separately as to fry 200 - 300 grammes of field mushrooms with the cut stalk poreja and three small stalks of green onions (it is natural, it is possible to replace with usual onions). All it now combine in the form for a pie, salt, pepper, strew a drop of a nutmeg and any odorous grasses (I here very much like a thyme), humidify with several spoons of water or a broth. From above the pie becomes covered by already ready mashed potatoes or is thin the cut potato with the same bird`s fat, or any ready test. Letri suggested to do idle time rublenoe with margarine. All this nourishing charm is baked in an oven of hour ones and a half. Temperature average, where - that of 170 degrees.

you ask, whether and so it is all is tasty? To me - very much. But taste - concept subjective. I regret only that for a pie of lord Vultona not from my own, and from someone`s English childhood. Perhaps fondly, but it seems to me, be it mine, more truly, our general also Politkovskaya would be live, and Colds, and Oleg Kashin without risk for life would take the sharpest interviews.

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