Rus News Journal

Damian Kudryavtsev about the Khan and Jashe

In the street a cold, at Jashi in a garden all are going to celebrate Christmas, and I have caught a cold, remained at home, I try to learn to read the child, and it in the answer learns me to patience.

- Christmas is written from capital letter.

- it is good, the Khan, you learn me to write it, Jashu to read, and the patience in this house remains unlearned.

in short children`s memory each winter - the first. We read short words: winter, snow, honey, tea, a raspberry.

- a raspberry - a long word!

- is not present, a raspberry - short, you hear - Malines, the small means.

- is not present, it means not enough raspberry, a raspberry tasty, always it is not enough of it.

- In vain argue, the raspberry in general is not present. Only an empty jar.

- the khan then bring aspirin and honey. Also grasp, please, a thermometer. JAsha, and you continue to read!

- honey, ice, iodine...

- And in this alphabet there are no words more cheerfully?

- fathers, and the polar bear only eats fish?

- well, probably, only fish.

- and he eats honey?

- well think, whence in the north there will be a honey, there only ice, and under ledom - fish.

- fish under ice?

- the khan, do not interfere! Fish under water!

- but he wants some honey?

- who?

- a bear.

- only when is ill. If at it high temperature.

- and high temperature at a bear it how many?

Ability to answer to Jashiny questions, it in many respects ability them not to answer. About Hanoi so never passed.

- and I do not know. Here at me 37 and 5. It in general not so is a lot of.

- And at me?

- 36 and 6.

- and whence you know, after all I yet have not measured?

- well, you are healthy, at you normal temperature.

- Is not present, I too want to measure! - but it will not rescue you from reading.

- and it is better to measure, when in a mouth! I know, the grandmother spoke to me!

I remember this treatment of the childhood: mustard plasters on heels, thermometers in a mouth. All remember, when in Leningrad at you the cold began, it treated onions juice, burning all mucous in a nose, and louses poisoned with gasoline. In cold weather, under wide trousers, without assorting a floor, pulled stockings, with devchachim y on instantly stretched socks and knees: put on kolgoty - y - y under the rabbit cap reeled up a scarf and a belt tightened woollen, like Czech, but already sat down, short in sleeves, a coat. To the middle of day the frozen city was wrapped up in darkness as though and not ended blockade, and the Borodino bread, having hardened, gave war, domestic, but it is not known what year.

- is shorter, I do not like to be ill, and you do not have temperature. Also you know that? I have decided that at me too was not present. It is impossible so to sit, affairs much. It is necessary to compose to you a suit by a holiday. Drag the scenario, we will look, whom you will play.

and I felt at once better, but here Jasha has turned away and has become silent. Usually preparation for any holiday, and especially the end of employment result it in excitation, but here it was inflated, as if I have told something insulting.

- Jasha, you that?

- I will not play anybody!

- well not to play, and to represent. No not to represent, not to play, and you will turn on - to the present! In whom?

- in anybody!

It is necessary to climb most in a backpack and to look that is written on a piece of paper. I well remember history about magicians, there any suit to compose not difficult, but it is important not to mix. Well Jashe to play a star or the baby, there at any deal will be a few words. Worse the worst - to be the magician, but at them the beard a bast, beautiful staffs and togas from bed-sheets.

- aha, here it is written: the second lamb - Jacob.

it is valid, is a little insulting to be the second lamb. On - to mine, Jasha could play and the first. But it is necessary to begin with something. The lamb can have a woollen sweater inside out and a cap.

- I will not play a sheep, - Jasha with that determination in which its Leningrad grandmother, but not I is audible has told.

- and why? You do not worry, it is very important role. In - the first, all time for a scene, and in - the second...

- all the same I will not be!

- the father, well as you do not understand! - the khan looks at both of us, as the teacher on sheep. - Jasha will not play a lamb, because a lamb - the girl.

is truth? - The son is silent. But how it starts to snuffle, I understand that the man`s vanity is wounded in it more than the actor`s. And I even am a little glad. As the Khan is prompted there and then by an exit.

- give you you will not be the second lamb, and there will be a first ram? - And the laughter bubbles at it inside as if the silent teapot begins to boil.

- and truth, Jasha, give - a ram? And the lamb then will be your sister. Or mum? Well you want, give the wife?

Jasha even is silent a second, counting consequences in nabychennoj (nabaranennoj?) a head, also agrees: All right! I will be a ram. I will be strongest. And only chur at me a horn! the khan neighs, becoming kobylkoj: For it do not worry!

next morning Jacob awoke the sister with shout Soon holiday, is time to rise! In the street eighteen thermometers of a frost! without stopping, while it has not opened an eye, and then and a mouth: JAsha, what you all - taki a ram! and he for a second has reflected, whether to take offence, and has then agreed.