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Travelling New Year`s notes

in the beginning of year it became known that director Timur Bekmambetov films with the working name New year walks on the country . The ready film has received the name Fur-trees is a collection of short stories which unite as a result in a narration how eleven times meet New year in the huge country.

the New Year`s film is the genre which has come to Post-Soviet culture from Christmas fairy tales and Christmas carols. In a New Year`s film necessarily there should be a magic history and a miracle which will transform the positivist into the romanticist. However as once have replaced Christmas for New year, and now Timur Bekmambetov instead of magic has preferred scientifically - to the popular statement that all people on the earth connect with each other no more than six hand shakes. Citizens of Russia from nine cities appear are bound so closely that the little girl from Kaliningrad confirms, as if the president of Russia - her father. Certainly, without the president in a New Year`s film it is impossible to manage, as the New Year`s reference against the Kremlin walls owing to the historical reasons became the main event which symbolises transition from old by new year. It is necessary for girl to transfer to the father the request which flies on all country in full conformity with the theory of six hand shakes.

in a film actors whom you will not name the most important celebrities have acted in film, and in other films of Bekmambetova they would execute supporting roles are, first of all, Sergey Garmash, inevitable Victor Verzhbitsky, Arthur Smoljaninov, Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov, Maria Poroshina and Ekaterina Vilkova. Some of them, for example Urgant and Svetlakov, have received popularity as TV presenters and humorists, and it, undoubtedly, will add to a film of national love. In one of key roles in a film the popular singer Brezhnev`s Belief - one more plus for a national New Year`s film has acted in film. In other roles serial actors, for example from " are occupied many; Interns (Christina Asmus) and Cadets (Sergey Druzjak). It is possible to say confidently that almost all persons on the screen will be well familiar to the spectator, and an old joke about that the Russian actor refuses the Hollywood work, because at it fur-trees with 25 - go on 10 - e, finds new sense. This film, with the president, a general unification and the present national favourites - telestars - replaces become outdated the Blue spark . Fur-trees is a New Year`s condition of the country with 25 - go on 10 - e, it is a pity only that the premiere of the film is appointed so early, on 16 - e December.

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