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Marching with the day off

Man`s collection Iceberg of this season is sustained in the extremely fashionable granzhevoj to stylistics. A collection basis - classical man`s jackets and trousers. Trousers are longish, gathering at boots in an accordion, or opposite short, opening socks. Jackets from a tweed, a velvet and a woollen flannel - short and long, free and obuzhennye. But it is anyway primary shchegolskie things. And to them the made old shabby jersey and the jammed jeans, a gentlemen`s kind waistcoats, marching high boots on a lacing, brand new silk cachenezes, every possible caps and hats - trilbi, and also very various outer clothing is put: costume gentlemen`s coats, both new, and rubbed off along the edges, worn and not so dublenki and kozhanki, quilted bombery and jackets - aljaski.

the Sense in a similar variety is very simple. These clothes are calculated on creation of difficult multilayered ensembles. The shabby is combined with new, marching with the day off, deliberately spoilt with is underlined by the glossy. Very modern ironic and intellectual variant of the vintage man`s style turns out. And, certainly, things from a collection can be included and in released from game in granzh ensembles. These things are practical, well sewed and made so that they can be carried simply.