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Rooms with a kind to Bern and London

Hotel in the centre of Old Riga, opened in the summer of this year, are known by all Soviet people. More truly, all those who at least time in life looked 17 instants of spring however, probably, it is difficult to find the person who does not know this film. Our today`s hotel hero concerns one of the most tragical pages of the given film. So, professor Verner Plejshner sent by Otto a background of Shtrilitsem in confidential business trip to neutral Swiss Bern, for the reason exciting air of freedom and natural, actually, absent-mindedness has successfully ruined the task. Professor Plejshner, as it is known, has committed suicide. There was it in Flower street which in the present Bern is not present and never was. This Flower street, and also the house where the secret address settled down, removed in the Soviet Riga.

hotel Neiburgs building is represented by the typical sample of the Riga modernist style. It is not necessary to be surprised: In Riga this style was surprisingly popular and florid, and many tourists even specially order excursions on the big area ar - nuvo which were built up with architect Eisenstein, the father of director Eisenstein. The hotel investigated by us nowadays, however, is not in this stylistic area, and in absolutely a terry historical part of a city, in three minutes from the Domsky cathedral. The house which and makes today considerable impression, has been constructed in 1903 by request of large industrialist Ludwig Nejburgsa. Ludwig Nejburgs beginning capital career by the simple mason, has quickly enough made a pleasant fortune and itself became the notable builder: its company has constructed a building of the Ministry of Finance and University clinical hospital in Riga. It has ordered the personal profitable house to architect Wilhelm Bokslafu, and that has coped with a task in view. The building has turned out strong, powerful, artistic and bourgeois.

the Destiny which initially so had a kind feeling for family Nejburgsov, later has changed to them the relation. After occupation of the USSR Latvia under reports of the pact of Molotova - Ribbentropa and wars of Nejburgs has left Riga on farm where has died in 1949. But its children managed to leave the Soviet republic. During an epoch of the USSR in the family house there were communal flats, and here in one of them (and also on a ladder adjoining to it) and the scene of a failure not skilled in business of investigation of professor Plejshnera acted in film. On the ground floor of a municipal building there was a well-known restaurant to all Riga At Kristapa where fighters for independence of Republic Latvia gathered for secret wine parties raznoperye.

we, by the way, were not too lazy and have made some gaugings of premises of hotel Neiburgs - by means of roulette specially brought from Moscow. So, by us it is precisely established that the scene of a failure of the professor has been removed here, however not completely: At all from these windows Plejshner was threw out. And from what? The matter is that true windows of present hotel are divided by columns, and the professor, let and toshchenky, simply could not squeeze into small apertures. But this stroke does not cancel huge value of the given Riga building for all of us, Stierlitz admirers, Plejshnera and the great song beginning with words the Pain washing, you leave me .

the Law on a restitution has allowed come back after restoration of independence to descendants of Nejburgsa again to take a building in the economic hands. New Nejburgsy have settled painful communal flats (on this noble cause at them some years have left), and then were accepted to arrangement of five-star hotel. They have decided to refuse any antiques and have preferred the modern Scandinavian design known for the love to pure lines and nekrashenomu to a tree. The private mistress of hotel, very simple, but fairly made with soul, quality, interest and taste, writer Andra Nejburga is.

In hotel of 55 apartments, that is all numbers are arranged as small apartments, with kitchen. There are two-room apartments and apartments two-storeyed - with kinds on roofs with pipes, on the Domsky cathedral, on a glass building of parliament. The excellent restaurant which has settled down on a place of a dissident institution At Kristapa . It is necessary to add only that Riga Flower street on which costs Neiburgs, actually two times was the filmstar. In the second time - in Igor Maslennikov`s picture Sherlock Holmes`s Adventures where it managed a role of London Bejker - strit. Actually the exact name of the Riga street sounds as Jauniela, 25/ 27.

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