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Celebratory zoo

this year family juvelirno - the hour enterprise (and domesticity of business today a rarity in Switzerland: the overwhelming majority of significant marks was disassembled on a portfolio by large financial corporations like Swatch Group or Richemont) Chopard has noted 150 - letie. Initially mark Chopard was mark the sentry: hardworking wards Ljuka Ulissa Shopara produced calibres and a men`s watch noted by the silent press of century Swiss gravity. However in the beginning 1960 - h years nimble family Shojfele from the main thing jeweller kapishcha Germany of small town of Pforzheim (Shojfele owned in Pforzheim worthy zavodikom on manufacture of gold bracelets and delivered them even in itself powerful Rolex) has got at the grandson of Hatch Ulissa Shopara old kind mark.

to coming to power of new owners in Chopard in the logical image there was a revolution: To manufacture of hour mechanics manufacture of jeweller, precious hours, and also various jewelry was added. At first it were sound enough, conservative, with strong German spirit of a product (like the things born by the genius of Ronald Kurovski, thought up concept Happy Diamonds, floating happy brilliants), however in the beginning 1980 - h years, in connection with opening of own shops Chopard, the jeweller component began to blossom the most rough colour. As a result there was an interesting situation: public began to perceive initially hour, mechanical mark Chopard as a jeweller brand, instead of as the sentry. Then the new hour manufactory in bukolicheskoj to a small village of Flere has been quickly constructed: in 2006 all of us celebrated decade from the moment of the beginning new powerful and winning hearts of collectors of a mechanical era of men`s watch Chopard.

Nevertheless, jewellery of mark which Carolina conducts to a victory Shojfele, Charles Shojfele`s who has bought mark at the grandson of its founder daughter, brings improbable, brilliantovo - rubinovo - sapphire fruits. And it is possible to consider as the most magnificent fruit of all this activity collection Animal World which has been let out to 150 - letiju marks. In line Animal World, which most worthy parts should arrive one of these days to capital of our Native land, 150 subjects of a class high jewelry have entered.

As Carolina has told to us the vice-president of the house Shojfele (we have visited jeweller manufactory Chopard in suburb of Geneva Mejrine at that dramatic situation when work on a collection already came to an end), manufacturing of any ornament from this line has occupied from masters of mark from two months before half a year . The anniversary collection is devoted the fertile world of fauna that is obvious from its rather technological name - Animal World.

Certainly, plots and heroes are chosen Choprad absolutely with an ulterior motive. The majority of ornaments is created under recipes of a jeweller tiny sculpture, that is, as a matter of fact, jewelry Animal World represent tiny skulpturki, the figures created from gold white, yellow, pink, chernennogo, and also with participation of practical all precious science precious and semiprecious stones, and also enamels, nacre and pearls. Jewelry Animal World offer all genre spectrum: rings, earrings, brooches, a necklace, suspension brackets, bracelets, and also jeweller hours. technical the premiere of a collection has taken place within the limits of an annual Basel exhibition, and here public, secular - on a carpet path of the Cannes film forum, whose ancient business partner is Chopard (jewellers of this house create the festival Golden Palm).

It well-known that creation of a jeweller tiny sculpture, that is a three-dimensional ornament, is for any house of jewelry serious examination on technical skill. This fact recognises also Carolina Shojfele: We perfectly understood that the most complicated work, the present test for all our jeweller department, all our command is necessary to us, but for us this line was also a gift by an anniversary, and, basically, a point of honour . That, we need to establish the fact: on technical skill jewellers Chopard have sustained examination.

on character of jewelry Animal World concern not to drama, and is faster to comedy ornaments. Among expensive jeweller subjects it is possible to find, for example, a pig, a sardine, a turtle, a frog, a snake, a ram, a spotty Swiss cow, a dog, a zebra, an owl, a house cat, a stork and even the worms braided in uniform improbable knot. However, if to someone from clients the pig made of a coral and being part of a grandiose necklace, seems too exotic, he can always pay the attention to the habitual pupil of a jeweller bestiary - a rabbit, a parrot, a monkey or a panther.