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Course to ladies

the Capital of Heavenly Empire with its economic miracles has been chosen by mark Omega for the world premiere of a new female hour line, of course, not casually. In - the first, here, in Beijing, the uncompromising Olympic spirit (Omega since 1932 is official hronometristom Games, and the Peking competitions of 2008 did not become an exception) till now is live. In - the second, the majority of the Swiss and French hour marks with indescribable delight fix growing female influence in the Asian policy and business.

differently, well-founded Asian women of China, Taiwan and Singapore in the most near future will be capable to make in the monetary plan a considerable competition to men - to collectors. Moreover, well earning women of the East will want to have in the collections not only habitual jeweller and formal models, but also hours with serious complications - with minute repetirom, with turbijonom, with time equation, with the case - skeletonom. And the future difficult women watch as observers mark, should not copy man`s models, they should be absolutely separate, independent products.

certainly, the new female line Omega which has received technogenic enough name Ladymatic, cannot fill inquiries of the Asian ladies concerning minute repetira yet or skeletona. These are simple, not collection hours. These are such hours which on most - that business are difficult enough for making: hours ordinary, classical.

hours Ladymatic do not have collection technical complexities, but at them other doubtless pluses. In - the first, it is absolutely independent female line Omega, instead of the reduced copy of their known man`s collection. In - the second, at hours Ladymatic an excellent stuffing. Hours have received in the order calibre Omega 8520/ 8521 with the coaxial descent which presented in 1999 and has become since then by the card of mechanical art of mark. Each mechanism is equipped by a silicon spiral of balance Omega Si14, and such position as underline in Omega, provides stability to mechanical damages and environment influence (the company gives a guarantee on an excellent course of hours throughout four years). In - the third, all models Ladymatic are officially certificated chronometres, that is hours of the raised accuracy.

meanwhile, despite coaxial cunnings and maskulinnuju chronometric certification, Ladymatic are simply pleasant to the touch and an eye a women watch. At them the round case good, clever The cast size - in 34 millimetres. This size, on the one hand, hints at diminutiveness and necessary feminity. With another - gives understanding of weight, the form, volume of hours: models Ladymatic it is powerful, but it is cosy, it is volume, but also it is womanly look on a ladies` wrist. In a word, they are almost ideal for a consumer format my first Swiss watch .

As well as any large mark entering into the big financial group (Omega is part Swatch Group), Omega has instantly let out set of hour variations of base model on the market. Hours with cases from pink, yellow gold or from a steel, on thongs (dark, light) and on bracelets (gold, steel), with giloshirovannymi and smooth (including with nacreous) dials, with white brilliants and without those are presented. the person to model Omega Ladymatic there was Nicole Kidman.