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Yandex and Rambler representatives the Internet - the companies " will not enter a payment for display of news

Today, on December, 2nd; Yandex and Rambler, entering along with Google in a three of the largest Russian searchers, have informed that do not plan to limit access to news and articles placed on their sites.
service Yandex. News does not plan to limit access to articles of mass-media - partners - the head of service the Lion Gershenzon has informed. As he said, all references which the user sees on service, should be references to full texts of messages, and the user can read them free of charge and without registration.

if the edition does not want to give an easy approach to certain materials, it simply does not include them in export for Yandex. News - mister Gershenzon has explained.

news agregator Rambler - News and an information resource the Tape Also give the services free of charge. in the near future we do not plan to enter payment for them - has informed a press - secretary Rambler Media Marina Anisimov.

according to representative Rambler, news are one of key and most dynamically developing sectors of the Internet. more and more people refuse printing editions in advantage the Internet - resources (...), therefore there are doubts in that, how much Russian user is ready to this sort of innovations - Anisimov`s madam has noted.

Google, being the largest the Internet - the searcher in the world, has informed in the blog that will limit free viewing of news, access to which it was possible earlier by means of program First Click Free ( the First cliques free of charge ). Now within the limits of this program free access only to five news in day will be given to one user.

RIA Novosti news agency