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It is glad has not passed the law on excise increase on tobacco products

Today, on December, 3rd, the Supreme Rada could not pass in a new wording the law About modification of laws of Ukraine About the state budget of Ukraine for 2009 and About duty rates on tobacco products .
By consideration of offers of president Victor Yushchenko to noted law deputies partially have supported two of them. However, at voting as a whole, the law has typed 211 voices of deputies from 433 registered.

the law, in particular, offered to increase from the date of its publication duty rates in the firm sums from unit of the realised goods by cigars and cigarettes with the filter on 20 grn accordingly for 100 pieces and 1000 pieces, on cigarettes without the filter, cigarettes and tobacco for smoking on 9 grn accordingly for 1000 pieces and 1 kg, on tobacco and its substitutes on 6 grn for 1 kg.

On chewing and njuhatelnyj tobacco on 2,5 grn for 1 kg, and in percentage to a turn of sale of goods - on 16 % and also to raise the size of the minimum tax obligation on payment of a duty for each own name of cigarettes without the filter, cigarettes with 50 grn to 62 grn for 1000 pieces, cigarettes with the filter - with 100 grn to 130 grn for 1000 pieces

the Prices for tobacco products in Ukraine, according to manufacturers, would grow to 50 %. The president in offers suggested to replace increase in a duty at tobacco products with increase in internal loans.

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