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In EU have approved creation of a new uniform financial regulator

Today, on December, 2nd, Ministers of Finance of the European Union at session of Council of EU in Bruxelles have approved creation of the new organisations on the financial control which activity will be directed on prevention of global economic crises.
according to the Minister of Finance of France Kristin Lagard, at this point in question discussion at session to the parties was possible to reach the compromise, writes Bloomberg. According to the arrangement, necessary decisions in the new organisations - regulators will be accepted on the basis of a simple majority of votes.

earlier against creation of new regulators Great Britain, the basic financial centre of EU acted. The British authorities stated fears that again created organizers will receive too many powers, and their decisions will contradict interests of the separate EU countries.

In May of current year the Eurocommission has suggested to create the new organisation which will be engaged in monitoring of a financial system of EU. In particular, it was offered to create the European council about system risks (European Systemic Risk Council, ESRC), and also the European system of financial supervision (European System of Financial Supervisors, ESFS).

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