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The Ukrainian hackers accuse of attack to banks

Today, on September, 30th, research IT - company Finjan has published the message about new the Internet - attack with use before the unknown bank Trojan URLzone created and operated grouping of malefactors in territory of Ukraine.
in Finjan inform that have found out the Trojan when worked in cooperation with a number of the Deutsche Banks which have suspected wrong in behaviour of accounts. According to the company information, management of the Trojan is carried out from territory of Ukraine where command servers URLzone are located. Experts Finjan have traced process of communication of the Trojan with the command centre and have intercepted all data as transfer was conducted on not ciphered channels.

according to technical director Finjan Juvalja Ben - Itshaka, the Trojan spends non-standard transactions, therefore systems of safety of banks not always work. He/she is the Trojan of following generation, it represents the beginning of a new trend when more difficult codes of malefactors will try to mislead bank systems of safety - speak in the company.

According to estimations IT - the experts, now the sites infected with the Trojan have visited about 90 thousand persons from which about hundred used online - bankingom. As informs Finjan referring to representatives of Deutsche Banks, the Ukrainian hackers have stolen from accounts of banks about 300 thousand euro. It is not excluded that they worked and in other countries.

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