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an Ukrtelecom and Kievstar have concluded the contract about interkonnekte

Today, on December, 3rd, the National commission of regulation of communication (NKRS) declares that the largest telecommunication company an Ukrtelecom and the operator of mobile communication Kievstar have signed among themselves the contract regulating tariffs for services vzaimopodkljuchenija to the networks on 2009 - 2010.
as chairman NKRS Sergey Kolobov has declared, there is an information that between an Ukrtelecom and Kievstarom the contract is already signed.

he also has added that till December, 5th signing of the similar contract between " is expected; an Ukrtelecom and the operator the Ukrainian mobile communication (MTS brand).

Thus, most the acute problem on interkonnektu is removed - chairman NKRS has noted. He has underlined that operators have agreed concerning tariffs not only for 2009, but also on 2010.

Also Kolobov predicts that in the near future arrangements concerning rates interkonnekta will be issued and between the mobile operator Astelit (a brand life:)) and an Ukrtelecom .

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