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The effective remedy against a flu, than " is found more; Tamiflju

Today, on December, 3rd, the group of Japanese scientists has published the report as which affirms that connection polisaharida and #946; - gljukana and lactic bacteria it can appear at treatment of a flu and the prevention of complications after it same or even more effective, than a preparation Tamiflju .
During experiments with mice scientists infected with their virus of group And, close to a virus of new type, and in a dosage after which third of mice usually dies. At use of connection and #946; - gljukana and lactic bacteria 100 % of mice have survived. And, such result has been fixed as at the mice accepting a preparation for two weeks before infection, and after some days after. At application tamiflju the same result has been reached only in case of medicine use right after infections.

At the second stage of experiments to mice there was vedena a deadly dose of a virus. Three quarters - 75 % of mice to which applied new connection, have survived. At treatment tamiflju half of mice has survived all.

scientists consider that new connection can be applied in the preventive purposes as a food additive, and in the long term - as a medical product.

RIA Novosti news agency