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The state help to the British banks has exceeded $1,4 trillion

Today, on December, 4th, National statistical management (NSU) Great Britain has published the data about the general size of the state help to the largest British banks in financial crisis.
the state help to private banks has exceeded 850 mlrd pounds - more than $1,4 trillion. This improbable sum exceeds, as experts mark, annual expenses of the budget on public health services system, more than three times - assignments for needs of defence and more than vpjatero - expenses on service and development of a transport network of Great Britain.

however similar financial injections, according to head of NSU Amiasa of the Berry juice, are quite explainable. it is difficult to imagine all scales of consequences for economy and a society if to banks have allowed to fail, - the mister marks the Berry juice. - however there is a question, what it means all for tax bearers? . Rescue of banks, by estimates of economists, has managed to each British family more than in 5,5 tys pounds.