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North Korean jeans leave on the world market

Today, on December, 4th, designers from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea debut in the world of the western fashion export of jeans of own tailoring to Sweden.

the first party of jeans - 1100 steams - has appeared today on counters of one of the Stockholm department stores and is on sale at the prices corresponding to a category of design clothes.

the pair of North Korean trousers with label Noko will manage to the buyer in 1500 Swedish crones ($220).

According to manufacturers, their production is issued only black colour as, dark blue jeans, they believe, in minds of consumers associate with the American brands.

many experts explain the high prices for jeans Noko desire of young businessmen at once to occupy a niche of exclusive clothes in the fashion world.

firm Noko founders - three Swedes, to each of which hardly more than 20 years. As they confirm, their overall objective - to expand soil for contacts between the Western world and such isolated communistic country, as Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

the first time young men from Sweden have shared the idea with the North Korean authorities, having written them the letter in 2007. However their offer has come across set preponov.

the largest in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea the company on clothes manufacture has refused to co-operate. Then businessmen have addressed for the help to the state coal-mining corporation which supervises some North Korean textile enterprises, and that has concluded the contract with Swedes.

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