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In Athenes on streets left 6 thousand policemen

Today, on December, 6th, more than 6 thousand policemen are deduced on streets of Athenes (Greece) to prevent protest actions in an anniversary of destruction 15 - the summer anarchist killed by policemen during disorders in last year.
in memory of the victim procession and demonstration for today are planned, on the eve of ten school and campuses have been occupied by students who thus mark anniversary of incident.

around Athenes where policemen in 2008 have killed the teenager, yesterday unknown persons had been burnt two cars. In capital there were the posters saying We will not forget, we will not forgive .

The day before law and order bodies have arrested about 150 active workers to prevent protest actions.

the police expects arrival in the country of anarchists from Italy, France and other European countries.

Owners of shops in the Greek capital prepare for the worst though some believe that disorders will not be such, as in 2008.

from its part, the government has warned about zero tolerance in relation to a new wave of violence. we want to let know clearly that we will not admit repetition of violence scenes and terror in the centre of Athenes. We will not give of Athena in charge vandals - the minister of civil protection of Greece has declared Mihalis Krisohoidis.

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