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In Sweden week of the Nobel celebrations

Today, on December, 6th has begun, the Nobel week with participation of winners of this year has begun.
celebrations will pass in Stockholm and Oslo from December, 6 till December, 12th. Owners of prestigious awards of a steel this year in total 13 persons.

today all winners of 2009 and members of their families will meet for the first time with each other in the Nobel museum. Museum visiting will come to the end with a lunch in museum cafe Satir upon termination of which by tradition to the autographs left on chairs of cafe by winners of last years, autographs of winners of this year will be added also.

during the Nobel week winners will hold meetings with officials and colleagues, and also with students and journalists; lectures with the story about discoveries are planned also.

ceremony of rewarding of winners which will pass in day of death of the founder of awards of Alfred Nobel on December, 10th becomes the main event.

Four of zaveshchannyh the Swedish industrialist of awards, namely - awards in the field of medicine or physiology, chemistry, to the physicist and the literature, and also the economic award founded by the Swedish State Bank in 1968 in memory of Alfred Nobel, are handed over in Stockholm. The world award, according to Nobel will, is always handed over in Oslo.

the concert with participation of stars of bottoms - and fate - the music, traditionally passing in Oslo after ceremony of rewarding of the Nobel winner of the award of the world becomes next day one of last points of the Nobel week. This year gala - representation will be devoted US president Barack Obama awarded of the prestigious award.

the sum of each of the Nobel Prize of this year, as well as all previous, makes 10 million Swedish crones (about one million euro).

RIA Novosti news agency