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The Central Bank will be overcome with money

the Central Bank intends to track that new dokapitalizatsija banks - to 180 million rbl. since 2012 - has passed without use grey schemes. The most widespread schemes revealed by the Central Bank during the previous increase of the minimum capital, to 90 million rbl., - naduvanie own means by means of cash and bills. Recommendations about revealing of such schemes of the Central Bank intend to dispatch in the terupravlenija.
the Analysis of quality of the capital of small banks to which managed to reach by 2010 of is minimum necessary lath in 90 million rbl., has revealed at once some signs which with a high probability can testify about fictitious dokapitalizatsii, the director of department of licensing of activity and financial improvement of the credit organisations of Bank of Russia Michael Suhov has informed. Basically it is a question of presence in structure of actives of bank of bills of the companies and available funds in cash desk in the volume comparable to currency of balance of bank. Number checks dokapitalizirovavshihsja banks with such structure of actives have shown that the real capital at some of them essentially less reflected in the reporting, specify in the Central Bank.

fictitious dokapitalizatsii the Central Bank intends to reflect the specified signs and schemes potentially interfaced to them in recommendations to the territorial administrations. This experience is useful this year during which banks should finish the capital to 180 million rbl. By estimations of participants of the market, the previous recommendations were radical enough, but not too concrete. roughly speaking, the Central Bank recommended to territorial administrations to look on all - one of bankers speaks.

now it will be a question of absolutely concrete schemes. Naturally, in itself great volume of cash in cash desk is not neither infringement, nor an unequivocal sign fictitious dokapitalizatsii, - Michael Suhov - But in a situation when cash dominates in bank actives at which the basic incomes, for example, percentage, it should cause questions in a regulator " has explained;. Other example which met in Central Bank practice, - stably great volume of cash at bank, the basic which client base is made by legal persons, and after all they remove cash basically only for the salary.

as has revealed the Central Bank as a result of checks, operatively show to auditors such capital banks were unable, offering as an explanation variety of excuses. we come to check cash desk, and money in it is not present, on a question, where they, the answer: have given out credits, we ask to show documents on borrowers, and they appear not at head office, and in branch which gave out loans both etc. and etc. - mister Suhov tells. The purpose of all these excuses - to win time for borrowing the cash capital to deliver it in bank and to show the Central Bank. After demonstrations money bank, naturally, leaves. Happens that same the capital having left one bank, it is borrowed to another, original circulation of the fictitious capital in bank system turns out. there was a case when means from cash desk of visors the proprietor, having written the receipt that will return, but as a result has disappeared both with the receipt, and with money - mister Suhov remembers. Last example - bank the Three already deprived of the licence, the regulator does not open the name of other banks.

a situation with bills approximately same, as well as with cash. bills of the firms possessing signs of a something ephemeral are in most cases used, - mister Suhov marks. - As soon as the checking find out quality of such actives and demand 100 - percentage reservation, their bank sells and buys instead of bad new good bills or gives out credits high qualities, at the following check the situation repeats .

According to participants of the market, such approach will be effective, but not for long and only partly. Among small banks practice if not full partial naduvanija the capital the specified methods, not only for dokapitalizatsii, but also for conformity to Central Bank specifications, - the head of projects of department of bank consultation and support of procedures of purchase and sale of banks of consulting group " speaks is really extended; NEO - the Center Evgenie Trusov. - Certainly, having near at hand a management on revealing of the schemes, made by experts of central office, whose qualification above, to employees on places will be easier to work, however, as practice, including tax service shows, to the place of the eradicated schemes always come new . However, the above the requirement to the capital, the new schemes will manage more expensively, the director of department of bank audit FBK Alexey Terekhov specifies.